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One of the greatest things I was told in all the nine years of running Middle Farm was how a couple had enjoyed talking with one another again. The mobile didn't ping constantly with notifications, they could get messages on their terms and not the instant it was sent. They talked uninterrupted over their meals, they played backgammon every evening and even completed a 1500 piece jigsaw puzzle. They made time to walk, relax and enjoy each others conversation leaving Middle Farm, like many of our guests, with their shoulders visibly more relaxed. Although we are not on holiday living at Middle Farm, (in fact it's regular hard graft!) through our guests we are reminded daily of the privilege it is to live here. With a back ground in sales rather than farming I'm also learning new things every day and am delighted to welcome my partner Chris into the farming world with me. We continue to evolve surrounded by cottages, pigs, chickens, sheep, veg patches and my two kids. It is one of the greatest pleasures to work and raise children in this environment.

We hope that you will enjoy staying here and experiencing a bit of peace and quiet with us in the hills of Shropshire.

Sam, Chris, Maddie and Connor x


The Barn

The Barn

Sleeps 6

Daisy's Place

Daisy's Place

Sleeps 2