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Middle Farm 

Middle Farm is home to British Lop pigs, rare breed chickens, Soay sheep, a mountain of vegetables, even more fruit and two farm kids. It is also the source of information for many radio programmes, newspaper articles, food festivals and more recently a bi-monthly column in The Country Smallholding Magazine.


Having fallen in love with the British Lop pig I started breeding in 2012. Armed with sows and a boar I take a litter to the Shrewsbury Food Festival at the end of June every year. We've been going since it started in 2013 and hope to continue this way into the future.

The British Lop is special because unlike other rare breeds it does not go to fat easily.  It is rare because it looks not unlike the standard Landrace except for the lop ear. However, as a traditional Cornish breed it does have a thick skin which allows for arguably the best crackling ever.

We grow our piglets slowly to ensure an excellent quality and taste and sell pork to friends, guests and supportive local restaurants in Shropshire.  

These pigs have an excellent life, with access to shelter inside a huge cattle shed lined with straw and outside ground for rooting around in.  They benefit from a regular supply of grass cuttings, garden leftovers and supermarket fruit and veg - as well as conventional pig food of course.

Soay Sheep

These sheep are rare, wild and totally independent. We are growing the flock slowly over the years and have around 13 ewes and 1 ram at the moment. They live in the field immediately opposite the farm and come to feed twice a day.


We have an eclectic mix of chickens, including Orpingtons, Light Sussex, Marans, Cochins, even the old fashioned 5 toed Dorking.

They give us a great supply of eggs and on a diet of grass, worms and bugs from the immediate 2 acres that surround their pen it goes without saying that the yellow yolk tastes delicious.


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