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Middle Farm Pork 

Middle Farm British Lop pork is very special and very rare. Partly because we are not a commercial pig farm, we raise only 50 or 60 pigs a year in deluxe conditions and partly because the British Lop is in fact the UK's rarest breed.

Our pork is particularly succulent thanks to its intramuscular fat and has outstanding crackling thanks to its traditional thick skin.  These attributes are usually found in the rare breeds and the British Lop is no exception but it does have the advantage of not putting on too much fat.

We hold cuts/joints and our popular sausages for our cottage guests, locals, friends and anyone locally who would like to try. Please e-mail or phone 01694 751232. Many thanks! 

Cooking ideas

Prices for cuts/joints and sausages:

Loin: £11.99 per kilo - available in chops, small joints boned and rolled as well as racks

Shoulder: £9.90 per kilo - boned rolled and in small joints

Leg: £9.50 per kilo -  bone in and cut into joints

Belly: £7.90 per kilo - available boned and rolled as well as bone in cuts

Sausages: £8.90 per kilo - 3 packs for £10

The Barn

The Barn

Sleeps 6

Daisy's Place

Daisy's Place

Sleeps 2