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Ways to Cook Our Pork!

For those who want to just roast a joint and enjoy amazing crackling then please read on! This is the way we do it at home, no particular recipe just always great results.

With the exception of the leg we tend to slow roast dry. That's just a personal choice! We heat the oven/AGA to around 200c, salt the pork, leave uncovered and when it goes in the oven turn it down to 150c. Roast until skin is brown, usually about 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on the joint. Then we double foil and roast at the same temperature for approximately 20 mins per pound then remove the foil and roast for another hour or until the crackling is beautifully roasted. Needless to say any herbs, veg or apples could easily be added for extra flavour. For the leg we always roast with a liquid as this is a hard working muscle and we feel it definitely stops any drying out.

We like to slice a few apples and place in the bottom of the roasting dish, salted leg on top, then fill with a mix of cider and stock up to around 2ins. Slow roast as above.

We hope very much that you enjoy our pork as much as we do and we welcome any feed back! Thank you.

More cooking ideas from reknowed chefs and excellent cooks will be downloaded shortly....

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