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British Lop Pork

Middle Farm British Lop pork is very special and very rare. Partly because we are not a commercial pig farm, with only four breeding sows on site we have between 60-70 pigs a year that are slow grown and reared with much love and care, and partly because the British Lop is in fact the UK's rarest breed. 

Our pork is particularly succulent thanks to its intramuscular fat and has outstanding crackling due to its traditional thick skin.  These attributes are often found in the rare breeds but the British Lop is arguable one of the best. A combination of a quality breed, good husbandry and stress free life (for the pigs!) makes for delicious home-reared pork. 

We can also vouch for the important fact that all our pork is completely antibiotic free. 

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The Barn

The Barn

Sleeps 6

Daisy's Place

Daisy's Place

Sleeps 2